300-Yard Match

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- 300 Yard Scores

300 yard event held 3rd Saturday 8 am – 1 pm

May 20,  June 17,  July 15,  Aug 19,  Sept 16,  Oct 21

The 300 yard event was fostered to provide an opportunity for friendly competition among like-minded shooters.  For this reason we have devised eight separate classifications so just about everyone wishing to compete will be kept on par with others using similar equipment.  Matches consist of 20 record shots fired in 20 minutes.  You will gain experience dealing with wind, variations in light, and challenges posed by Summer heat.  Participating in the event will be an educational experience in marksmanship.  We hope to see many of our regular shooters return this season and invite newcomers to stop by, check us out, and hopefully join in the challenging event.

Please review our match rules (located below) and pay particular attention to the safety regulations.  The event is also open to invited guests who are not club members.  Junior shooters under the age of 18 participate for free while under the guidance of a legal guardian.

ECCL 300 yard match rules